A 16-year-old adolescent finally receives a home with five other foster children after 3739 days in foster care.

It’s a poignant truth that numerous children and adolescents didn’t find the permanent, loving family they genuinely deserve even after they Endure years in foster care.

The National Foster Youth Institute reports that annually in the United States, over 23,000 children will reach an age where they are no longer eligible for foster care, and a significant number of them may face homelessness.

Having spent a decade, equivalent to 3,739 days, within the foster care system, Akyra harbored the fear of becoming one of the disheartening statistics.

Katie Holstein is a single mother from Kentucky who has fostered 16 children since 2017. Akyra, the teenager, now 17, had experienced stays in 24 different foster homes.

I initiated the journey to become a certified foster parent in January 2017. Katie conveyed to Love What Matters: “I was growing weary of searching for Mr. Right, who could make it possible for me to have a family of my own.”

I had eagerly anticipated the opportunity to foster and collect families and, ultimately, be able to say yes to that wholeheartedly.

She had never taken in a foster child older than six Before receiving a call from her “preferred social worker.” It was a request about the Akyra.

She said, “I understand you lack experience working with adolescents, but I’m seeking your assistance with this exceptional girl. She and her foster family like some time off together. So she asked, Would you consider helping out, even if it’s just for the weekend?”

Akyra, 16, known as Okra when she’s with Katie, stayed with her for a week, with a couple of additional brief breaks, until the conclusion of her placement.

Katie was not in a position to take care of a sixth child, as her house is already filled with five foster children.

Recognizing the significance of Akyra having a stable home during her high school years, Katie gave much time for her to spend with her.

Credit: instagram.com/katie_irlene/

After being friends with Katie for an entire year, the little girl wanted to ask the question. She asked about Katie’s sentiments regarding the adoption of adolescents.

Until recently, she could not dictate where she should call home for a considerable part of her life.

Hence, Katie finalized the permanent adoption of Akyra three days before her 17th birthday, officially announcing the adoption.

Credit: instagram.com/katie_irlene/

After six days, Akyra was taken for adoption, and Katie became the adoptive parent of another younger child, Thomas. That ceremony was done over Zoom.

Katie is conscious of the great fortune she has experienced, thanks to Akyra choosing her as her mother.

Despite spending more time in foster care, she chose to take a chance on my family and me. She agreed to open herself to love once more.

She brings a life full of experiences,and I appreciate that, given that I’m not a mother who imposes strict authority on my children. our journey of learning continues to this day.

“This couple made a conscious choice to be together. Embracing a foster child brings an immense amount of love into your life, and I hope this post can illustrate to others the profound love it can bring.”

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