A child, previously a target of bullying, finds solace in rescuing a cat with similar traits proving that a pet can be the ultimate solution

Last week I saw a picture shared with our parents group, specifically for those with children having cleft palates. an animal rescue organization in Minnesota has rescued this cat called feline. When we just saw the picture, there was a high need to make this unique cat a part of the family.

Just like our 7-year-old son Madden, the cat also had a cleft tip and full heterochromia iridum. Destiny had made them best friends. Pet indeed has an ability to dispel feelings of isolation of owners.

Heterochromia iridum refers to the phenomenon where a part of the iris displays more than one color. Total heterochromia iridum, where each eye has a different color, is an exceptionally rare condition, affecting less than 1% of the general population. This rarity parallels the uncommon occurrence of cleft lips.

Courtesy of Christina Humphreys

I could find some generous friends that could provide a road trip to Minnesota to adopt an adorable cat, bringing him back to our home in Oklahoma.

Once the cat was home, we had built a strong relationship with the cat. Moon and Madden formed an ideal companionship, and together, we decided to seek love in a world sometimes filled with negativity and unkind words.Their meeting was a destiny and cat has become a symbol of love for us.

Courtesy of Christina Humphreys
Courtesy of Christina Humphreys

It’s incredible how everything fell into place so seamlessly. Despite everything these two were made to be together. We were so apart. It’s incredible how it finds a home far away and how people step in to help us bring him into our lives.everybody needs a companionship and I’m grateful that Moon is there for Madden.Moon imparts to madden to understand the beauty of being different and the magic within him. Cat also has a friend that is easily understandable. It’s a miracle that these two are alike. 

While I didn’t intend to draw attention to our family, if our story can make a difference, especially for kids with cleft lips, even if it’s just raising awareness, then that would be meaningful.

Courtesy of Christina Humphreys

Following instances of teasing on the school bus, Madden gained fame for his anti-bullying film. Now with his ideal companion he can share how differences are making life beautiful and how they can bring uniqueness to the world.

It’s a need to show kindness to everyone around the world. In the video Madden says he has many heart breaking words and challenges across the journey. Treat everyone with respect, as being rude may cause you to miss out on meeting some truly wonderful individuals. Extend kindness even to those who treat you poorly. Because people who don’t respect love are the ones who owe it most.

Those cruel words have broken the heart of Madden, but his mother believes that Moon will bring him the light.

Certain students spoke to him in a very unpleasant and harmful manner, causing his spirit to be significantly shattered during that challenging year. The reality is, bullying continues to occur,and encountering someone rude is inevitable. As we cannot control others’ behaviors, what we can only do is to change how we perceive these situations.

We acknowledge our imperfections, just like everyone else. Nonetheless, we are needed to be

consistently kind to others, even in the face of challenging circumstances or when kindness may not be the immediate instinct in tricky situations. I want Madden and my other two sons to be kind hearted persons even whatever may happen.

Courtesy of Christina Humphreys

This narration from Oklahoma, was brought to us by Christina Humphreys. Spread the message of beauty and empowerment. Share this story on Facebook by clicking here and join in celebrating diversity.

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