An HIV child was rejected from 10 families and finally received a lovely home with a gay couple.

Olivia was diagnosed with HIV shortly after her birth. But initially, ten couples showed interest in adopting her. However, with more information about her health, they gave up their decision.


After waiting for a baby for three years, Damian and Ariel got the news and acted fast. They were the first homosexual couple in Santa Fe, Argentina, who married publicly. When they visited Olivia, something unexpected happened.


Upon laying eyes on her, Ariel sensed an immediate connection. He said when I saw her, he felt she would be an integral part of his life. The bond formed instantly, she looked at him without any tears in her eyes when he offered her a milk bottle.


Consequently, they welcomed her into their home. She started to gain weight with both her confirmed HIV diagnosis and the subsequent successful HIV treatment. Marking a significant milestone, she proved that

her blood tests no longer revealed any traces of the virus. Now, she is an HIV-free child.

After adopting Olivia, the couple expanded their family by bringing in another young girl named Victoria, who was born to them. The news of the couple’s adoption of Olivia generated an outpouring of encouraging responses on social media and in the comment sections of news articles.


One individual expressed, “May these two kind-hearted gentlemen be blessed. “ They’ve chosen to embrace an angel, adding to their current count of two. “Both girls will be adopted with abundant love and care.”


At the time of our high school years, HIV was perceived as a deathly verdict,” remarked another individual. It was considered an ailment without a cure, and those afflicted were akin to the outcasts of our time. I reflect on the transformation as my 15th-year class reunion approaches next year. But now medications and treatments have made it a manageable disease, giving carriers a chance to live a fruitful life. One day, when Olivia is young, she may witness a day when a cure becomes a reality.”

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