True friends for life: Girls met in 1950, spends 80’s together

Golden girls at senior community living, Atria Senior Living, can have a special joy as their beautiful aging journey starts alongside cherished friends.

Imagine a fantastic tapestry of history with cherished past moments and joyful memories collected through ages together with unwavering friendship.

John Harris, Harris, Elsie Webb, Sylvia Crane, and Mary Grace Tassone are the equals of this tapestry.

According to Good Morning America, these ladies first met in their school in California, Mt. St. Mary’s Academy. Now, they are in their 80s.

Joan, Elsie, Sylvia, and Mary Grace

Now, they live in Atria Senior House, a retirement community closer to their school.

They recall their memories and cherish the time.

According to Sylvia, old friends are lovely, and having good friends is necessary for a person. She believes that it helps maintain good social bonds with people.

They all had their own lives as well. After high school, they all had their career paths with their families, which had gained them a big family with 12 children.

Sylvia reunited with her old friends last July at the Atria Senior.

She shared her experience as follows: She felt great when entering her home and seeing her old friends.

Atria Senior Living

Mary Glace, who was in class 55, was in the lobby when Joan entered the room. She felt at home seeing her presence. Joan stated that seeing friendly faces in a strange place is a blessing, as I know their pasts and backgrounds.

Those earlier bonds made them more able to adapt to the place because they did not need to explain everything.

Mary Grace was the earliest one to join Atria. She was a former nurse who joined three years ago and lived with others, sharing memories and laughter. Selling candy bars and making root beer were some fantastic activities that they had done.

Atria Senior Living

They had a tiny nun who made beer every night. At noon, she rings a bell and asks others to fill their mugs with root beer. They recall these memories and enjoy their time.

Mary, Sylvia, Joan, and Elsie may enjoy their retirement together for a long time, and their bonds are also inspirational.

Medical research has found that people with good, long-lasting friendships perform well in society and live good lives.

As humans are social beings, companionships help people reduce diseases and mental problems.

Dr. Julianne has also stated that social connections are crucial for the total well-being of a man.

Atria Senior Living

Also, choosing the right place for retirement will ensure overall well-being. Atria has a proven track record of maintaining the total well-being of senior citizens.

They are responsible for sustaining adults’ total well including mental, physical, and functional aspects.

They do maintain quality enhancements to reflect back on their path. This will be an inspirational story for everyone to support adult citizens in spending their retirement in a healthy environment.

Atria Senior Living

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