An 11-year-old, abandoned by both biological parents and an adoptive family, encounters a single father interested in adopting him

Even though the child was living with his biological parents, the young child remained oblivious that the young family was seeking a way out from him, thinking that he was inconsequential. But what is distressing is the fact that their efforts became successful.

Caring for abandoned children is an act of compassion, especially for ones who have been mistreated and abandoned by their negligent biological parents.

Anthony was such a child who his biological parents had abandoned and luckily found someone who welcomed him into their lives.

When Anthony was sick, he was abandoned without providing the love and support he needed in sickness and in health, which everyone was waiting for.

Another fact that makes minds distressful is that their decision to dump” their child was legally permissible.


Anthony was Left deserted, scared, and emotionally shattered when a young child found himself abandoned and betrayed.

People who witnessed the tragic conclusion of this boy’s story struggled to find someone who could be as kind as his family. Their adoptive parents took care of him for seven years before they abandoned him.


Anthony’s story was shared everywhere.

“He had no inkling of when or if they would return for him, as he had been excluded from the plan they concocted to abandon their child,” the author reveals. This is not the first time that a parent subjected their child to such abandonment. Surprisingly, they had done the same thing for the second child they adopted.

However, Peter Mutabazi serendipitously entered Anthony’s life during this challenging period, bringing about a complete transformation.


Peter was living with his cruel father, bordering Rwanda and Uganda, where he was abused. He also had problems while growing up, so he thought it would be better if he could adopt and assist young ones who have difficulties.

While staying the United States, he established a thriving real state firm in Oklahoma, to fulfill is desire to help children in need pf a home.


Peter stepped in to his foster care life with the adoption of two boys, with whom he fell in live with the first sight. But that didnot last long as the court decided that boys should be taken care under their true biological father.

Peter was felt devastated of being apart. So he had thought of finding youngster to take care of only during the weekend as  he was not sure of keeping for long.

In the end, he agreed, choosing not to find into the boy’s family background or past experiences. This marked the moment when Anthony became a part of Peter’s life.


What happened was Peter’s mini weekend ultimately unfolded into a lifetime commitment.


Discussing Anthony, Peter expressed his thoughts:

I never imagined that I could be a foster parent of two that have been abandoned by the same parent.


Upon meeting Peter, Anthony quickly adopted the term ‘Dad’ to refer to him, and they formed a rapid friendship. However, Peter cautioned him against using that term, as he didn’t want to form a strong connection with someone who was only supposed to stay in his house for 48 hours.

“I told him he could call me ‘Mr. Peter,’ and just 20 minutes after his arrival, he asked if he could call me ‘Dad.’ What?i was not awre of his last name, but he wanted me to be his dad. That was completely a unique situation, as other foster children resist to accept them as their fathers never. It was evident that the young person I had just met wasn’t want to make that point.”


When he was finding out his details, he got to know that Anthony had been abandoned by his biological parents and, secondly, by his adoptive parents. That made him so worried.

He never knew that adoptive parents could abandon their children.


Anthony was a failed adoption, according to the view of a social worker. But that has made Peter full of tears. He was thinking how much had been for this n-year-old child.


“I was not going to let him be lost once again. He wanted me as his dad. I liked the letter so I could send him to school soon.

So, the overall process was completed sooner, within several months. They were meant to be together. Even though the news appears that a youngster finds a fine foster father, it is two-way, and both benefit.


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