Doctor shares the unique experience of growing up with a father who has Down syndrome and expresses immense pride

The Internet is full of unsettling stories and content. Despite those, there are some moments that fill you with gratitude.Such an occasion recently presented itself, at least for me, when I encountered the story of a Syrian student and his father.

Credit: Youtube/SSSD

Sader Issa is a Syrian dental student, who shares her story with a father with Down syndrome.

Are you curious to unveil the crucial distinction?

Credit: Youtube/SSSD

As per Sader, his father, Jad,has acted as a normal father who  has showered him with love and dedication from the moment he came into the world. And he has done everything to make every Sader’s life as ordinary as could be. In his earlier years, Jad had worked in a wheat mill and saved funds to ensure a bright future for his child to pursue higher education.

Jad went above and beyond to offer his son a prosperous future, motivating Sader to succeed in academics and aspire to a career as a doctor.

Credit: Sader Issa

Moreover, Jad has an exemplary role in his community. Even after acknowledging the challenges that come with living with Down syndrome, Sader has not allowed it to hinder him.

Sader has never felt any embarrassment about his father; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Syrian Society for Social Development stated.

Sader expressed that “I take pride in my father. He has consistently been my greatest source of support whenever I needed it,”

Credit: Sader Issa

Certainly, the father and son share an enduring bond. According to Sader, Jad takes immense pride in his son’s achievements as a doctor.

If you observe my eyes , you can clearly see this. Yes, I may have Down syndrome, but I raised this individual and did everything to help him become a doctor and assist others,” he added.

Sader also says that this incident has made him more passionate about his job and enthusiastic about life. Now Sader is working as a professional dentist, which is a professional and highly paid job in Syria. He has stated this in 2021, with a nice photograph of them.

Credit: Sader Issa

The National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) discussed Sader’s story and Bored Panda reported that it is considered highly uncommon for males with Down syndrome to have children.

Nevertheless, there are unique situations.

People with Down syndrome can be similar or different from their peers. They may take longer to achieve milestones when compared to youth but they also have feelings that deserve to be treated with respect “ The NDSC added.

Credit: Sader Issa

Here’s to Jad and his son Sader – a father-son relationship that is truly inspiring and heartwarming!

Individuals with Down syndrome are fully human, capable of love and care, experiencing fear and being terrified, just like anyone else. The sooner we are able to treat them the same, the world will be a nicer place. That day will be a day to embrace humanity!

Credit: Sader Issa

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