My non-verbal autistic daughter spoke for the first time to express her love for elder sister

Annabelle was born with Autism and was unable to express herself in words. But as she is a human being she is needed to communicate with others. Hence she had to use every possible type of communication method to transfer her messages.

When she cries, she would lift my hands towards my eyes and she signs me to do wah, wah, wah movement that comes in The Wheels on the Bus song. This is a kind of cute kids’ action but this is one of the powerful weapons she uses to communicate.

When I communicate with her using this action, she feels satisfied and happy. She may still cry with the situation but she might feel that she is valued also. I think that she feels like that “My momma loves me. She sees me, she understands me and she validates me. I am not alone in this world “

Hence any verbals are not needed to say that she is safe now.

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Always she is not able to understand. Sometimes I have to use some of my intuitive zing of my body to understand what she tries to communicate.

And the other thing is she is not in a mood always. When she is delighted she will stare at my glasses with a smile. She looks deeper into my eyes.

But unfortunately what I feel sometimes is like she trying to scoop my eyes out! Although this action is dangerous, I have selected a way to make her happy and help her explore the world with curiosity.

Courtesy of Kelly Rock

What I believe is all is communication, when I am difficult to understand always look for why. At this moment I understand why foundational beliefs matter.

I was investigating all of her actions and I found that she had messed up with her words and eyes. So actually I was unable to get the final message that she was trying to transfer.

This was an incredible incident that happened last week. Her sister Lily, was extremely adorable towards Annabelle. They were playing together and they were collecting memories for a lifetime.

Courtesy of Kelly Rock

Their love remained unchanged until this uncommon tradition started. My understanding of her I and her eye made me look more sensitively into feelings.

Annabelle was saying, ‘I llloooyyyyoouuuu, Llllliilyyyyy.’ I was trying to figure out whether she was trying to tell I love you.

She was expressing her heartiest feelings towards her sister Lily. it was a blessing to have a sister like her for Annabelle.

Courtesy of Kelly Rock

They were holding each other heads snapped towards each other. That me smile while making me sensitive. Finally, tears started to pour apart from my eyes.

They were small at that time. When we recorded the video, Annabelle was three and Lily was six.

We were filled with love and joy when Annabelle initiated to communicate something to us.

She was crying and showing us a box of Oreos once on a shelf and demanded that.

When she was at a park. She was expressing her happiness with skips, and uncontrolled giggling.

Courtesy of Kelly Rock

She needs to attend the morning therapy. While she is staring at my face I say to her goodbye and close the doors for the therapy.

For us communication is simple. We just let words flow and feelings overflow. Others also tend to understand us.

But for some special people, a powerful feeling of safety and a strong understanding of sensitivity is needed. People who can understand physical gestures, behaviors, and unconditional moods are needed.

That is obviously like what Lily and Annabelle have.

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