A six-year-old child manages to save his father’s life with a google search.

Kyle was lucky enough to live instead of dying due to the opportunistic decision of his daughter, who was inside at the time of the incident.

Credit: Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | Boston 25 News

On April 12, which was a normal day for Kyle Semrau, his daughter Macie had already announced that she would not be attending school that day. At no time did Kyle realize that this decision of hers would be the reason for his life to continue.

Macie is always up for new activities and adventures. She even refused to go to pre-school because she felt lonely because of her father’s absence. This is surprising. Since this day was the one-year anniversary of her grandmother’s death, her parents allowed her decision to go to school that day.

Kyle was unable to get a good night’s sleep even though he had finished work that night due to an illness in his sinuses and lungs. Because of this, the next day, the day Macie decided not to go to school, his four-year-old son, Caleb, stayed with them.

However, on this day, Kyle had severe breathing difficulties and became unconscious. This continued and became serious. As soon as he regained consciousness, he had to ask for help.

At this moment, Macie, who was staying at home, took his cell phone from his father and without wasting a moment, immediately went to Google and typed “Eliot Polis” in the search bar because it was necessary to save his father’s life.

In an interview with Boston25 News, Macie said, “Going to Google and calling Eliot Police through their website, it’s hard to imagine being without my father.” On this occasion, Mr. Judy Smith, who works at the Eliot Police Department, spoke with her. According to him, she was not only aware of her father’s age, name and home address, but also knew the shortest way to reach the room where the father was sleeping on the ground floor. Not only that, Macie’s father even told him how to enter that room to rest.

Caleb is upset in this situation. While Macie was on the phone, she heard Caleb crying and she said everything else was fine. Macie has told everything about this serious situation. Macie has been thinking of a way to open the door downstairs until the authorities arrive to help.

After authorities arrived at the scene, Kyle was taken to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, where he remained for three days. It’s amazing that Kyle was lucky enough to survive this situation. Indeed, it is true to say that it is an incredibly unusual situation. Kyle has said that this is a great thing and that his daughter, son and all the officials deserve the honor. He has further said that his children have brought him good fortune so that he is still alive today because of his children.

He says that this situation would have been completely different if the parents had not given their children the knowledge and understanding they need to successfully face the various situations of everyday life.

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