An officer offers advice to a young child with no arms who is six years old and wants to be a detective.

Six-year-old Harrison Humphries, who lives in Georgia, was born without bones in his arms and legs, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing a career in law enforcement.

A few months ago, Rolf Seiferheld, a veteran of the Duluth Police Department, and Harrison Humphries formed a strong relationship while they were both on city patrol.  The two of them developed a very close relationship and became best friends.

According to 11 Alive, Harrison told the officer he wanted to join law enforcement so he could “better heal others.”

The reason Seiferheld joined the police was because he would have the opportunity to be kind to others and to help and care for others in his own way.  He also encouraged the press to “treat others with the respect they deserve”.

Seiferheld decided to guide and support the young man in achieving his goals after recognizing the similarities in the perspectives of the law held by the two aforementioned officers.

Both of them agreed about the specialty of their week and they saw each other on Fridays when they were doing city patrol duties.

Starting a conversation with six-year-old Harrison, the officer went through his equipment and discussed how Harrison could become a police officer.

Harrison’s mother, Tara, was impressed with how this kind police officer spent his precious time mentoring her son while on duty or off duty.

Credit: Youtube/11Alive

“Most people don’t spend their time on these things or they might be intimidated by them,” Tara told 11 Alive News.

She said that Harrison is very ambitious and if he sets his mind to something, he always achieves it.

According to Harrison’s mother, Harrison, who was born without arms, hips, fibulas and thighs, will never walk and he will not be able to feed him or do anything on his own, doctors have warned her and her husband.

Having thwarted all of the above, he could now do everything on his own and he wanted to use his feet more than his hands.

Credit: Youtube/11Alive

Harrison’s mother says that now he is brushing his teeth, combing his hair and trying to get dressed.

Harrison aspires to work in law enforcement as a private investigator or police chief.

As long as Officer Seiferheld is with Harrison, Harrison’s mother believes that Harrison will have the strength to accomplish his goals.

The mother believes that the relationship between Harrison and Seiferheld will develop into a good one and she further stated that it will develop into a partnership.

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