The newborn baby whose face filled with a beautiful smile as soon as he heard his father’s voice.

It is a fact that most of the people have discovered even through tests that a child in the fetus can grasp sounds by 16 weeks. This is why it is common to see many parents singing songs with different tunes for their children. They think that their children will get mental health through this.

So one Brazilian couple was lucky to have this first experience. It has been mentioned in La Repblica, an Italian daily general-interest newspaper, that the baby responds to the father’s voice after coming out of the womb.

Flavio Dantas and his wife Tarsila Rosa were able to enjoy this wonderful event with great enthusiasm when they were lucky enough to see their daughter Antonella in this world.

Her father, who comes from Rio de Janeiro to visit this newborn baby in the mother’s womb, used to talk to his daughter every morning and share ideas. But when he saw her for the first time after she was born, he had no idea how the reaction would be.

Flavio Dantas talks to his daughter every day before going to work and Tarsila happily observes the movements of his daughter with his voice.

August 11 was a special day and that day is celebrated as Father’s Day in Brazil. It was on this day that this little girl was lucky to be born in this world. So when she came out of the womb, when she spoke for the first time, she responded more than giving small kicks.

As soon as Antonella heard her father’s voice, she had a bright smile on her face. This smile was all his father’s voice could give to what he said. When he saw this, he could not hold back his tears because he realized that his beloved daughter had taken him away.

“That’s when people put all their pain aside and smile honestly and genuinely,” Tarsilo posted on his Facebook. He further says that she is his little princess who was born on Father’s Day.

The photo with this special occasion became popular all over the world in a very short time, i.e. within a few seconds. All those who saw this never hesitated to congratulate them. So this special day was a day to be remembered forever in Flavio’s fatherhood.

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