A prison inmate who rescued hurricane victims at a candle factory with a broken leg and fractured ribs was later assigned to the police.

December 10, 2021, was a devastating day.

One of the most destructive of the 30 hurricanes that devastated six states in the Midwest left eight workers at the Mayfield consumer goods facility dead.

That day, six prisoners were working there, including Marco Sanchez. The factory collapsed, and he was trapped and suffered a broken leg and cracked ribs. But somehow, he found a small void in the rubble and crawled out to safety despite his injuries.

After being liberated despite suffering from a fractured leg, Mr. Sanchez found tools and returned to help the injured. He was able to rescue several others, saving their lives.

He was in a hospital until the injured got well. Then, first, he went to the state police and asked them to take him into custody.

According to reports, soldiers claimed they could not accomplish it because the Graves County jail had been demolished. After that, Sanchez walked to a public dormitory and asked to speak with a prison official.

There, he was taken into custody. But later, the officers got to know that he was the person who had rescued people trapped by the hurricane.

At that time, he had only 14 days before his sentence. But the things he did are priceless. He could only save himself and get lost. But he didn’t. He reduced others.

He will be released from prison, and we hope someone will help him start over. He was a hard worker with humanity, his supervisor at the factory added.

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