The Kansas City Twins are celebrating their 102nd birthday.

Birthday parties can be considered one of the most treasured occasions in life. But if you are celebrating your 100th birthday, you are exceptional, not just notable.

The twin sisters from Kansas City are exceptional because they could celebrate their 102nd birthday this year.

Elouise Lyons, from Kansas City, Missouri, celebrated her 102nd birthday with her own twin sister. This is a phenomenal incident. So everyone in their home country decided to get together on this special day to honor 102 years of Elousie’s life.

Everyone would like to know the secret to living such a long life. So we asked her. But she said nothing. On behalf of her mother, Paul Lyons came forward and told the ultimate secret. According to him, it is an optimistic lifestyle and getting a regular shot of whiskey.


She could not pick one when we asked about her favorite birthday celebration. She said she had many, and everyone was significant. Yes, indeed. How can we expect a substantial birthday from someone who has had more than hundreds of birthdays?

She had many themed birthdays. This year was a roaring 20s theme with flapper attire and jazz music. She will undoubtedly remember this birthday as well as others.  


Although the twins don’t live nearby, distance never became a problem for celebrating their birthday together. The beautiful thing is that they are so lucky to experience technological transformations throughout their lives. This time, they decided to celebrate their birthday via Zoom.

She was born at the time when airplanes started to fly. But now she can celebrate her birthday online,“ her son, Paul, said. Living 102 years is an achievement. You can witness changes in time through your own eyes. As Addison Louse adds, living for 102 years is achievable when surrounded by loving people.

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