The creativity of the youth challenged even the disease called Crouzon Syndrome

Rose, who had a short life span, faced many challenges from a very young age, but she was a very strong artist who did not allow others to take care of her.  At the age of six, she was diagnosed with a genetic condition known as Crouzon syndrome that severely damaged the bones of the skull and midface.  Named Mina Rose, she had to face 30 surgeries to solve this condition and different health problems.  Surgery for the nerves caused by the internal pressure of the bones in Rose’s skull is also included in the above surgeries. Not only that but also surgeries that confirm that Rose’s growth is maintained at a very good level through ENT examinations and gastrointestinal surgery was included.  However, Mina’s bright and happy nature had given her the ability to overcome all the difficulties she faced.  She was very fond of drawing and did not forget to spend her time at the beautiful beach, which she loved, to enjoy the beauty of nature and share her love for animals. People who see her works and paintings will temporarily forget their suffering and oppressive feelings and be happy for a while.  It was an innocent idea in people’s minds and they turned the kitchen into a studio and created their artworks.

Her wishes do not only have the pursuit of creativity. Mina is a generous lady who always tries to help people in need. Through the sales she makes from her store:  ” Mina’s World and Facebook page. She uploads a donation project called “Feel Better Friends “. The purpose of this archived guide throughout our last five years is to bring smiles to the children who are suffering and battle with cancer and other illnesses. Her organization make handmade dolls with love and good wishes with Mina’s likeness with her unique.

Indeed, Mina is a bright character who is a real inspiration among people and has the strength to solve problems when facing them very well because of her young creative art as well as ideas with a positive outlook and strong commitment to helping others.  Mina is very successful in defeating the problems that do not allow her to be brought down and gets a lot of inspiration by engaging in activities that bring happiness to her life.  In all respects, she is a courageous young woman who shows herself as a role model for humanity and tries to change the attitudes of the world.

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