Seven brothers and sisters from the same family are foster by a couple, after their parents die in a car accident.

After seeing a Facebook post about seven orphaned siblings, Pam Willis meant to felt it.

After she heard the story mentioned in the Facebook post in 2019, she could not ignore the reactions about the seven children. She realized that this is the right time to fulfill the responsibilities of being a mother to them.

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The children, aged 1 to 12, spent nearly a year trying to foster care after both their parents lost their lives in a car accident.

When She told her husband Gary Willis about this and she thought he would tell her she was insane. Pam and Gary have already fulfilled their responsibilities as adoptive parents to five other children, but they had not talked about adopting children.

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Both of them should contact the number mentioned at the end of the report.

After 4 months, the seven children Adelino, Ruby, Aleecia, Anthony, Aubriella, Leo, and Xander became familiar with Pam and Gary.

In the process of talking with the children, Pam learned a lot of information about the children. Due to drug related problems with their parents, the children often had to move to different places.

Among those children, Pam has said that the older children not only presented the unimaginable difficulties and problems they experienced, but it was easy to talk to the children and establish a relationship with them.

Pam realized that the children’s experiences made it difficult for them to trust adults and they looking forward to leave.

Ruby, the second oldest among the children, became a mother to her younger siblings from a young age. She had not imagined how to behave as a traditional child.

They had trouble sleeping because of frequent nightmares, and their first six months were a very challenging time.

Pam asked her seven-year-old son when he came into her room one night if he had a bad dream and was scared. She said that she checked and confirmed if there was anyone near her.

In August, Pam and Gary revealed they could not leave by adopting all the children. The real children of Pam and Garry, ages 32 to 30 were all present during the wedding.

While everyone was watching the event, they installed a big TV in the garden to prevent covid. These children in the family of Pam and Willis added happiness to the world.

Pam admits that their family’s second chance at being parents has come from her and her husband’s adoption.

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