After nearly 5 generations, a 105-year-old woman finally gets the chance to see her granddaughter.

It must be said that we often fail to spend time happily with groups of people who are always essential to us in our lives because of the very high demand in this world we all live in and because of the various changing deviations.

So, it is very valuable and essential to develop good relationships with your family members who are always close to you. In fact, it is most obvious that your family members are the people who stand by you no matter what happens to you.

However, not being able to see one’s close relatives and distant relatives is not normal because of failure to manage time even if there is enough time for it.

But Annie Berry didn’t. In 2019, expectations were shattered with her 105th birthday party.

Berry has hosted all five generations of her family at the Genesis Larkin Chase Centre in Bowie, Maryland, which is now considered a gathering place for families. It was time for Berry to see her great-granddaughter, the newest addition to this large family corporation.

Berry was first born in Meridian, Mississippi in 1914, a time in world history when racism and segregation were rampant throughout the United States. She had seen many changes over the years and fondly remembers that she used to pick cotton and grind corn in her youth.

Needless to say, Olivia’s great-granddaughter Olivia’s environment is completely different from Berry’s environment. The huge age gap between them can be shown as a reason for this.

According to Berry, she has lived so long with her obedience to God and has explained to her great-granddaughter, Olivia, by giving many very clear and valuable instructions.

In the end, Olivia meeting her grandmother and Berry meeting her great-granddaughter is a beautiful thing that brings happiness. So, you can think that this is the time for Annie Berry to be praised, right?

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