A Teenager With Special Disabilities Takes His First Step Unaided From A Wheelchair After Eight Years.

A child with special needs who spent eight years in a wheelchair and managed to stand up and walk again is news that can’t be described in words that surprises even those who believe that miracles don’t exist.

Owner Daniel Stein has created a special strength training program for people with autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.

In 2019, Brandon Neal asked Daniel for help with his 17-year-old son, Mandy.

Brandon’s story

 Due to a mutation in one of Brandon’s genes, he was born prematurely and had to fight diseases such as jaundice as a child.


However, in the end, the doctors diagnosed Brandon’s scoliosis and dislocated hip and recommended the necessary surgery.  Brandon, who was in a wheelchair, had hopes that he would be able to walk in six months.

He spent eight years in bed after his hip surgery and this greatly affected his manhood.

In 2019, his parents were going to buy him a new wheelchair, but Brandon wanted to try walking again.

Onward and upward

Based on the good information received by the parents, they referred their child to the special needs gym.  By working with Daniel, Brandon was able to regain his strength and walk on his own terms.

This task was not an easy one, but Daniel encouraged Brandon to do it.


Daniel once wrote that even if one looks at another and does not believe that he is strong, sometimes that person is much stronger than a violent opponent or worse.

Another step in this program’s strategy was to use walkers and crutches.

Brandon started walking without his walker in a very important process during their fifth session. Daniel watched intently, and Brandon sat unaided for eight years.



Daniel reassures Brandon that this is his start and that he can walk on his own two feet without any help.

Once again On foot

Daniel says he can walk in a few weeks, and Brandon says he’s ready.

Then Brandon performed an amazing walk on his feet. This was more successful than Daniel expected.

“Can you be proud of wearing this?” by Brandon.  Asked and Daniel said that he could be proud of it.

Brandon finally won, and Daniel was happy with that.

Daniel wrote that with these events, “everything changed for the Brandon family.”  Brandon’s feelings of defeat disappeared, and masculinity built in him.  He became a person capable of achieving a great victory in the inner world after the sad thoughts that existed for a long time disappeared.

Brandon received support from everyone, and his efforts quickly became popular.

Brandon’s hope was to walk again one day. His hope was finally fulfilled, and he managed to walk.

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